Additional data: a priori knowledgment about the environment

2D map of PAVIN

A 2D map of PAVIN, extracted from the topographical plan of land surveyors is available under the form of 2D georeferenced points, grouped by elements of the environment (walls, road boardes, buildings ...).

3D model of PAVIN

We are currently in discussion with legal experts to see if it is possible to provide the 3D model of PAVIN we have.

Georeferenced panoramic images

The file GeoreferencedImagesList.txt contains a list of Google Street View panorama ids with their georeferenced positions. Those data can be used as a priori data for the Cézeaux workspace.
Log format
line GeoreferencedImagesList.txt
name latency lng pano_id zoom proj pano_yaw tilt_yaw tilt_pitch
Details: The panoramas can be downloaded using the application StreetViewImagesDownloader.

Those images can be used for instance to georeference a topological map built using the images from the catadioptric camera.
StreetView image Image from the catadioptric camera, unwarped

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